An American Film Institute Conservatory thesis film

Ritmo is a romantic short film about forbidden love amidst sultry salsa music and family legacy. It is, at its core, a love story between two Afrolatinos unlearning and overcoming the barriers of colorism that hinder them from being together.

Dos casas, both alike in dignity

In las calles calientes de Miami, where we lay our scene,
From anti-Blackness births rebellious love,
Where family ties make families’ hands tied.
From forth the fatal flaws of long-held thoughts
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take a chance
Whose fated entanglement overthrows
Do with their bond bury their parents' biases.
The scintillating passage of their side-eye'd love,
And the continuance of one’s Abuela's rage,
Which, but generational colorism’s end, nought could remove,
Is now the fifteen minutes’ traffic of our screen,
The which if you with patient eyes attend,
What here shall miss, our film shall strive to mend.


Help make the music of love come to life. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and needed.

At AFI, we aim to make our films up to industry standards and as professionally as possible. All donations go towards the making of the film at the highest quality and maintaining a safe set for our cast and crew. ​ 

We will be shooting from October 14th to 23rd, 2021 and hope to deliver the film in March 2022.  Our fundraising goal is $60,000 and our deadline is September 10th, 2021.